The vast majority of lifting station problems are caused by blockages within the pumps or a failure in level control where the ‘activation’ floats get ‘stuck’. Grease is one of the main causes of these two issues. Naturally lighter than water, it floats and, as more grease enters the holding chamber, begins to form a ‘crust’. Small chunks of grease will break free as surfactants, emulsifiers and chemicals from cleaning products reach the station.

These small chunks of grease get sucked into the pumps, stopping them from working efficiently. Waste grease also sticks to the float activation systems causing them to fail, resulting in the pumps tripping out from overload as they run ‘dry’ or failing to activate at all as the floats remain stuck under water.

Core benefits

GreaseBeta Wet Well Treatment Blocks

These 500g-4kg blocks utilise our highly effective microbial strain mix as a slow-release preparation for breaking down grease and other organic matter in lifting/pumping stations and wet wells. These microbes actively feed on any FOGs present within the drainage system, ultimately turning the waste into H2O and CO2.


  • Easy to install and low maintenance costs.
  • Continuous 24 hour dosing, no reliance on manual or automated dosing.

GreaseBeta Aer-8

Designed for major problem sites, the GreaseBeta Aer-8 combines engineering with our highly effective microbial strain mix to vigorously aerate the waste assisting the bacteria in carrying out their degradation.



  • Works 24/7, effectively turning the chamber into an aerobic bio-reactor.
  • Maintained through quarterly visits by our engineering team



  • Reduces BOD & COD levels
  • No more reactive/ emergency callouts for drain blockages.
  • No more disruption to operations.
  • No more flood damage to property.
  • Controlled costs.
  • Environmentally friendly response to a pollution problem.
  • Improved efficiency of waste water plants.