Our versatile & effective Food Solids Strainer...

Food debris is the leading cause of blocked drains in commercial kitchens. Fat deposits quickly collect around food waste, increasing the likelihood of blockages, floods, foul odours and vermin infestations.



The CBio design team have developed a simple design that is easily installed, needs no maintenance and prevents substantial food waste entering the drains.

Benefits of the Food Solids Strainer

  • Highly robust
    Made from Stainless Steel with no moving mechanical or electrical parts.
  • Advantageous
    Reduces foul odours in working kitchens.
  • Dependable
    Cannot be bypassed by operator as plumbed directly into sink drainage.
  • Simple design
    Food waste is collected in a drawer for quick emptying and cleaning.
  • Preventative
    Reduces reactive maintenance costs related to pump stations and the chance of blocked drains.