Our versatile & effective Grease Recovery Unit...

Launched in January 2016, the patent pending GreaseBeta BioGRU was developed over an 18 month period. 


The CBio design team focused on our customer’s need for low staff maintenance, fewer complex elements that could result in callouts and the ability to fit more easily into different kitchens.


Benefits of the BioGRU

  • Low running costs.
  • No mechanical moving parts or complex electrics virtually eliminates reactive call outs.
  • Simple electrics only require a single IP505 rated 240v socket.
  • Simple lever base ‘tap’ drain off system has resulted in less reliance on user maintenance.
  • No silt valve is needed.
    These are often incorrectly operated and stick or are snapped which exposes the heating element to air causing the unit to smoke and allows discharging of FOG directly to the drain.
  • No ball valve is needed
    These can stick, preventing FOG entering the collection container resulting in discharge to the drain.
  • Simple 3 step maintenance programme
    Empty oil using tap. Empty food basket as required, clean lid and check central area.
  • Large food basket reduces the risk of overflow, odours and removal issues.
  • A optional bio block degrades the food silt left in the bottom of the GRU, reducing odours and facilitating the cleaning process.
  • Symmetrical design allows left or right handed install with the same unit.