The first independently tested and verified dosing technology

GreaseBeta fluid consists of a blend of naturally occurring bacterial strains that have been isolated from the environment for their ability to break down FOG and organic matter from all the major food groups.


To work commercially, dosing technology must be safe, adaptable and effective. In 2016, GreaseBeta fluid was independently proven to degrade 90% of FOG making it impossible to reform downstream, leaving it the most flexible grease management product used in FOG management.


Benefits of the Greasebeta Dosing

  • Low annual costs.
  • Requires no staff maintenance 
  • Can fit every kitchen without fabrication costs
  • Contains no surfactant or solvent that emulsify FOG
  • Battery powered pump ensures the product is dosed in correct quantities at specific times of day
  • Independently proven to degrade 90% of FOG
  • All strains are Class 1 bacteria and entirely safe
  • Highly resistant to temperature and chemical challenges
  • Bacteria double in number every 20 minutes to provide quick, tough biofilms.
  • Effective against all types of food and related waste.